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Newly Betrothed? Here’s Where to Create a Wedding Registry Online!



Whether you’re hoping to receive luxurious pieces that will fill your home with elegance or simple, functional items that you need to start your life together, there are an impressive number of websites that make creating a wedding gift registry easy. Here are three great sites to use for your wedding registry. Amazon Registering with […]

Sushi Koo: Satisfying Sushi in Los Angeles



This cozy, casual spot is known for offering satisfying sushi and rolls at a low cost. With many dishes priced at $3.50, you can indulge without going over budget. Regulars recommend the rolls, particularly the spicy tuna, spicy yellowtail, the dynamite mac roll, and the scallop roll. One bonus of Sushi Koo is that each […]

Watching Your Weight? Don’t Make These Dieting Mistakes!



You might think that you’re on a fairly healthy diet that will eventually lead to your goal weight, but some of your eating habits might actually do more harm than good when it comes to weight loss. Check out these common dieting mistakes to make sure that they’re not a part of your daily routine […]

Order Up a Margherita Pie at DeSano Pizza Bakery



If you’re in the mood for classic, New York-style pizza in a no-frills atmosphere, DeSano Pizza Bakery is the place to go in Los Angeles. While this laid-back pizzeria doesn’t have all of the endless toppings and bells and whistles of other modern pizzerias, its stylish, industrial décor and classic recipes make it a great […]

Recipes to Make With Spring Vegetables



Spring always means a plethora of fresh, seasonal vegetables that you’ve been missing all winter. Because fresh produce tends to go bad quickly, it’s helpful to shop with a few recipes already in mind. Here are some favorite recipes made with vegetables that grow in the springtime. Glazed Carrots in Tarragon [Fine Cooking] Cooked carrots […]

Mendocino Farms: Splendid Sandwiches



If you’re looking for a truly great lunch, head over to Mendocino Farms for some next-level sandwich artistry. Why settle for a run-of-the-mill sub when you can revel in a great sandwich made from locally-sourced ingredients with a fine dining pedigree. Chef Judy Han changes up the menu seasonally to reflect what the local farmer’s […]

How to Decorate Using the Principles of Feng Shui



Feng shui is an ancient Chinese belief that states that the way your home is organized will, in turn, influence everything else in your life. From your finances to your inner happiness, the aspects that feng shui influences are limitless. If you want to decorate your home in a way that better serves your feng […]

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