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Cinespia: A Twist on the Typical Movie in the Park

October 7, 2015 12:59 pm

The Hollywood Forever cemetery is an L.A. landmark in its own right. Built in 1899, it lands on the National Register of Historic Places thanks in large part to the stars who found their final resting place here, from Johnny Ramone to Rudolph Valentino. It's also the current site of Paramount Studios. But when Cinespia takes over each weekend, the cemetery attracts even larger crowds than usual.

Founded back in 2002, Cinespia reinvents the concept of movies in the park with its cemetery outdoor movies. The company screens classics on a jumbo screen at the cemetery, and invites locals to bring along blankets, low chairs, and any food and drink they like so they can enjoy the movie. Regular attendees of the event say you should show up as soon as the gates open (typically at 6 p.m.) to ensure you get the best spot. Patches of grass are a hot commodity on movie nights.

6000 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 469-1181

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Bring the Fall Season Indoors With These Home Decor Projects

September 23, 2015 9:34 am

The change in seasons from summer to fall is one of the most dramatic, from the colorful leaves filling the trees to the acorns strewn across the ground. Bring the beauty of autumn into your home with a fun and creative DIY project that you can customize to your own liking.

Pumpkin Basket How-To [Martha Stewart]
If you usually decorate your home with plump pumpkins, get a bit more creative this year by turning one of those pumpkins into a basket to hold fresh flowers, pine cones, or other decorative accessories. Use a keyhole saw to hollow out the pumpkin and create a handle across the top that looks just like a real basket.

Botanical Leaf Pages [Real Simple]
You’ve likely seen vintage-inspired framed botanical prints lining the walls of chic homes, so create your own just in time for fall by using a few fallen leaves and some wax paper. Using a standard iron on low heat, press rows of leaves together between two sheets of wax paper and get creative with the arrangement.

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The Palm: A Delicious Legacy of Happy Accidents

September 16, 2015 1:04 pm

The Palm has built a legacy on a series of happy accidents. It began in 1926, when Italy-born Pio Bozzi and John Ganzi set out to register their flagship eatery in New York City. Their thick accents resulted in a city clerk handing them a license for "The Palm," instead of Parma—the pair's hometown. Other happy accidents followed—including artists "singing for their supper" by painting the caricatures that now decorate every Palm. And, if it weren't for the eatery's ability to adapt, you wouldn't be able to order a steak there today. Steaks weren't a fixture on the original menu, but after John Ganzi made many runs to grab one from a local butcher shop to accommodate special orders, he and Pio Bozzi eventually added them.

Today, you can enjoy the NYC fixture in L.A. Over the past 80-plus years, The Palm has flourished into a nationwide chain with locations everywhere from Boston to Mexico City. Order one of its now-classic steaks, from filet mignon to steak burgers, or its house specialty lobster. You can pair it with a signature cocktail or glass of wine. No matter what you order, The Palm's welcoming steakhouse atmosphere will evoke the family eatery that launched a nationwide chain nearly a century ago.

The Palm
1100 S. Flower Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015


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